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Buttons and Keycards

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Here are the new button and keycard models for our game. The buttons are remaining basically the same as the originals, but we wanted to do something new for the keycards. However, these renders aren't the entire story, as we have another system planned down the line to run parallel to standard level based keycards. You can actually see where they're going to be once modelled on the current researcher model.

Showcase renders of the keycard lock, traditional button lock, fingerprint scanner, and keycode lock.
Closeup render of the ID badge holder on the researcher's uniform.

New keycard system:

○ Each card is an I.D. badge that has both a member of the Foundation associated with it and access to only specific rooms.

○ Instead of using a linear number system, each keycard-ed door only grants access to a whitelist of keycards.

Showcase renders of keycards in a vertical format.

While this won't change much in terms of the gameplay itself, it opens up more opportunities for unique strategies and ways of playing to evolve.

The only changes to these models in the future will potentially be size tweaks for some of the elements, and some screen textures. But other than that, they're done for now.

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