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Changelog v0.0.2

v0.0.2 has mostly been about bug fixes and backend progress over the last 2 weeks. Once again, this is a smaller update in terms of new content, but it's another important one for overall progress. Coming soon, we have more visual and audio changes, as well as some new SCP and room additions. You can follow a lot of what we're working on via our Trello.


  • SCP-173 now faces the player

  • Anger system for SCP-173

  • Weighted normals to room models

  • Basic inventory system

  • Torch

  • Batteries

  • Item interactions and equipping

  • FOV slider

  • Loading screens

  • CRT shader for the main menu

  • Asynchronous loading

  • SCP-1074 stage two interactions in prep for final sequence

  • Menu sounds

  • Simple status effect system


  • Reduced stamina drain and regeneration

  • Re-enabled SCP-173's ability to open doors

  • New Steam branding

  • Synced door animations to sounds

  • Better settings descriptions

  • New item icons

  • SCP-173's kill range reduced from 5 to 1.2

  • SCP-012 is no longer required to be on screen to pull your vision

  • Moved procgen to a subthread

  • Increased culling strictness

  • Detail maps now fade at a distance

  • Updated hallway models


  • Improved config handler and fixed not saving settings

  • Kill attempts not checking for obstructions

  • Window size resetting when changing scenes

  • Shadows not disabling

  • SCP-173 spawning unable to move

  • FSR scaling not working

  • Player camera bouncing through the floor at low framerates

  • Effects slider not affecting light buzzing

  • SCP-1074 not affecting crouched players

  • Being able to clip through the gate in the spawn area

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