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Character Models

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In our quest to remaster and bring forward Containment Breach to the modern day, the next task up on the chopping block was handling the character models.

Facility Guards

For the facility guards, the design process was relatively simple. We used reference from the original models combined with some modern tactical and urban enforcement gear to make changes to the uniform to make it fit a more modern style. This was one of those situations where the first revision was what we stuck with, apart from the visor. The main issue with that is that the face doesn't show at all, meaning it needs to be quite reflective to appear to make sense. Due to this, it looked off in renders. In the end, it had to be made almost purely yellow to get the goldish look of the original. In terms of gameplay, their role will remain the same, although the colours will be used to show their role. At this point in time white is for escort guards, and grey is for general security.

Showcase renders of facility guards in both a black and a white uniform, with the classic golden visors.


In terms of the body design for the current class-ds, they're referenced from the original game, SCP: Unity, and real life prisoner jumpsuits. Unfortunately, due to the nature of jumpsuits and how simple the designs are, they ended up looking very similar to Unity's design. One thing we were going to experiment with was colour coding to add more variety, but unfortunately there isn't a dedicated one for the SCP Foundation, and different prisons have their own unique systems. What I will say is for now is that we're using the Public Agency Retirement Services Jumpsuit Color Coding.

Showcase renders of two Class-D personnel side by side.


They won't have as much screentime as the rest of the models, but these are born from the idea of the researchers of the foundation simply not just wearing a tshirt and trousers to work. The design is really simple, but still pulled away slightly from reality. Originally, the black horizontal accent line was higher as the design was supposed to mimic a cross, but it was later lowered to the hips for more of a belt look. While the game is not religious in nature, the universe manipulating and unearthly characteristics lend themselves to imagery not of this world, so it made the most sense. When it was being designed initially, the stripes were going to indicate the access level of each researcher, but it quickly looked cluttered and we reverted to the dual red stripes to stick with the red/white/black theme of the Foundation.

Showcase render of Security Chief Francis Carey posing with one hand on her hip, and a smug expression.

As always, we're fully open to feedback and suggestions, but this is how it is for now. When we implement VR (and probably for multiplayer too), we may also include a character customiser with options for hair style, skin tone, uniform colour, and sex.

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Axo The Halo Player
Axo The Halo Player
Apr 25

I looked at the MTF Concept art and it looked like they wore the traditional Hanfu robe under all that gear. Is there a reason why you picked for it for the MTF look like that? In general

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