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Knock Knock!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Don't get too worried about these doors replacing the original ones there! These doors are going to be specific to SCP containment chambers, to help visually differentiate them more in game. One of the issues we had originally with Containment Breach and subsequent mods was the fact that you sometimes couldn't even tell if you were potentially in immanent danger.

If you look closely at the back of them, you can see how we were inspired by the originals though. At first there was a strong temptation to style them after the indev versions, but we didn't give in.

The original Containment Breach door.
An early door greybox.
Screenshot of the WIP door model.
Screenshot of the WIP door model.
Screenshot of the finalised containment door model.

Material rework of the finalised containment door.
Showcase render of the containment door.

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