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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

A lot of time and thought went into these 939 designs, although they came out looking relatively familiar if you've seen other designs in the past. We wanted to stay closer to the original article, but went for a design that could believeably travers on all fours, and yes... On two legs. Each variant will be unique to a different area as these are only the babies, but there will be a lot more to them such as wall climbing.

In case you were wondering why I haven't done a huge gameplay breakdown, it's because a lot of it is still subject to change, and I want to be able to share the full juicy details only once it's finalised and close to being implemented. No sense in spoiling all of the fun this early on!

SCP-939 concept art featuring a 939 instance with a split face on all fours, and a bipedal 939 on the right.
Sketch of SCP-939 on all fours.
Sketch of 939 on hind legs.

Previous sketches put together.

Initial head concepts with 6 options. A is a droopy split head design, B is an insectoid with fangs, C has what could almost be considered tentacles, D looks like an octopus with teeth covering everything, F is a normal head but with split flesh, and G is a much more normal head with a big grin and long teeth,
Four head variants. A normal head, a torn version, then a split head followed by a torn version of that split head design.
Three 939 torso concepts. The first has abs but is quite skinny. Design B is a built up muscular torso, and the final one is much more flat and stretched, appearing to be stretched skin rather than defined muscles.
A final showcase of the side and front profile of 939's body, with a frog-like posture.

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