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SCP-939 Life Cycle

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Grotesque, brutal predators with a disturbing backstory... SCP-939 instances have an interesting life cycle, with them being born as human infants, and transforming into the endothermic creatures with many voices.

There's now a hard cap on their life, but they can only die from old age, which means they're effectively walking corpses for most of their lives, guts spilling out of their own bodies until they're no more than a heaving mass of flesh on the ground. Being territorial, that isn't an uncommon sight in their nests.

Roughly one adult exists for every 25 surviving 939s, comprised of 15 juveniles and 10 babies. The juveniles play a crucial role as providers, which explains their willingness to venture outside the nests. This arrangement also accounts for why the immensely powerful adults do not simply cannibalise the young.

Overall they're only active for their initial 15 years of life, transitioning into a guardianship role until approximately 50 years, after which they become decaying corpses on legs.

Life cycle of the SCP-939 instances across 5 generations. Toddler, child, juvenile, adult, and elder.

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