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SCP - Containment Breach in Godot?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

So a few days ago we started properly working on our new game, currently labelled simply "SCP: Containment Breach Godot Edition". The end goal for this game is to have a fully modern interpretation of Containment Breach in a new engine with storylines, sub-plots and missions created around all of the original SCPs and more, fully fleshed out in a way that hasn't been properly shown before in other SCP games.

To start off simply, we've decided to do LCZ, and some of the more common SCPs that'll be encountered. What's done so far? You can follow the progress on our Discord server, but I'll also be posting updates to this blog. We have procedural generation, 173, doors, and the player complete so far. While there isn't much to announce right now, there are images and videos coming soon...

Primitive model of a Light Containment Zone hallway.
Primitive model of a potential layout for SCP-173's containment chamber.

Finally, here's a sneakpeak of a little something we're working on for one of the first SCPs we'll be introducing to the roster!

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