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The Human Rework

With this post, we want to introduce a long-term goal that is planned for CBR. We call it the "Human Rework", and it includes visually reworking and overhauling most human characters within the game, such as Class-D, Researchers, Facility Guards and more. We do have humans we've shown off, but they're fairly limiting as far as the level of quality we know we can reach, and they don't match up with our vision for the look of the Foundation. So if we get enough money, they'll be redone and look fancy.

To go a bit more in-depth on some of the designs and share some thoughts on how these characters are going to be implemented:


The primary objective of the class-D design was to steer away from the more traditional jumpsuit appearance and transition towards a more contemporary style. The initial source of inspiration came from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption," which happens to be a personal favourite of mine and offers what I consider an excellent example of a versatile uniform.

One of the most prominent issues we quickly identified in other designs was that the uniforms always appeared overly saturated and artificial. Additionally, they were somewhat one-dimensional in terms of their use cases. As depicted in the concept art, we aimed to introduce greater diversity in uniform designs whilst maintaining a consistent visual tone. This approach significantly aids in character recognition and eliminates the sense of everything being a copied-and-pasted model with a new head.


Our aim with designing researcher active-wear was to create attire that would appear more practical and suitable for experimentation and work within the Foundation. Our previous researcher designs had a distinct sci-fi look, and in this iteration, we wanted to establish a clearer visual hierarchy among the ranks. Furthermore, we took inspiration from classic sci-fi horror, drawing from sources like Dr. Frankenstein and other iconic works from the 1970s to the 1990s.

As you can see in the concept art, these designs also incorporate the equipment harness featured in the class-D art, which was part of our broader goal to unify the visual style of The Foundation. Two noteworthy elements are the empty ID card holder, which we intend to use for specific puzzles and locks in the future, and the clipboard holder, which will serve as the means to obtain both the clipboard and similar items like the wallet in-game.

Facility Guards

The facility guard designs underwent minimal changes, as we were generally satisfied with the previous iterations. In this revamp, our focus was on outfitting them more appropriately for facility service, adding three colour-coded ranks. White uniforms denote personnel escorts, grey signifies containment security, and black designates high-level personnel escorts and main defence personnel, with white being the lowest and black the highest rank. Although we've used the existing gun as a placeholder here, we are considering the possibility of equipping them with unique weapon sets in the future, depending on the success of CBR.

Nine-Tailed Fox

In redesigning the Nine-Tailed Fox units, we've drawn our main inspirations from samurai armour, and the vibrant colours and patterns from Chinese culture. The uniforms now show off a lovely blend of red and gold or blue and gold patterning, that represent the legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox, and symbolise good luck and immortality. This colour scheme introduces clarity between the ranks, and gives them a new matching look whilst still making them easily distinguishable.

One change to gameplay is that they'll now operate in units of 4, with one captain to three soldiers. However, it's just just that that's changed. They will also now actually carry parts of the KJ-9 containment cells, which may force them to have to retreat to resupply at times. If we're successful, we also hope to add more armour variety to them.

See No Evil

Mostly known from the popular Containment Breach mod "SCP - Containment Breach Ultimate Edition", the Eta-10 "See No Evil" are sent in after the initial cleanup of the heavier armed Epsilon-11 to deal with any cognitohazards and memetic agents that might still be left. We went with lighter equipment and a psychic/"unknown desert traveler-esque" design, rather than another heavily armed military unit, like most other MTF designs. They're also equipped with one-eyed multi-use goggles and other tools like the S-Nav, made for the fight against the mentioned anomalies they're specialised on.

Chaos Insurgency

The biggest inspirations for the reworked design of the Chaos Insurgency were pulled from military gear used around the 1940s, mostly by dictatorships and developing countries. We can't share too much about them just yet, but we can mention that they will play a pretty big role in the story of CBR.

There may be a few follow-up posts about the Human Rework with some technical shenanigans and first looks on some finals for visual details, so stay tuned for those!

Now keep in mind that this, as mentioned before, is a long-term goal, and not something that will be implemented any time soon. This post is just to show what these long-term goals might look like, and that we are intending to rework one of the most important parts of the game.

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