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Traversion Changelog - v0.2

Added Areas:

  1. Desert

  2. Volcano

Fixes and changes:

  • Overhauled level selection menu

  • Rewrote a handful of systems

  • Increased Killbox generosity on several levels

  • Added environmental effects (e.g. snow, ash)

  • Added restart counter to Hud

  • Fixed some collision issues related to crates

  • Optimised several levels

  • Fixed some layering issues (visual & collision)

  • Added a Mouse Sensitivity slider in settings

  • Added Death markers (and a setting to hide them)

  • Fixed the grapple not quite going where it was supposed to

  • Made it so holding ctrl while resetting to checkpoint will reload the level

  • Added numbers to the FOV slider

  • Minor QoL fixes and changes

  • Added Discord Rich Presence

  • Adjustments to sound balancing

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