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Traversion v0.3 Out Now!

Thank you to everyone that's been supporting us for the last month and a half now. The game is coming along well, and we know it's only going to go up from here! The following post is to cover the major changes since version 0.2.

New areas:

  • Desert

  • Volcano

  • Mountains

New levels:

  • Overhauled tutorial

  • Ice 3-5

  • Mountains 1-3

  • Desert 1-5

  • Volcano 1-3

Major additions:

  • Environmental effects

  • Death markers

  • Discord Rich Presence

  • Skip level tokens

  • Leaderboards

  • Restart counter

Important changes:

  • Overhauled grappling hook mechanics

  • Allowed grapple bind to be toggleable

  • Increased killbox generosity

  • FOV is now displayed as a numerical value

Everything else:

  • Backend system rewrites

  • Changed multiple collision models and fixed crate clipping issues

  • Heavy optimisations

  • Fixed layering issues

  • Centered grappling hook hook

  • Adjusted sound balancing

  • Added more checkpoints to certain levels

  • Lighting overhauls (more to come...?)

  • Added level icons

  • Removed overdraw debugs

  • Added a console and freecam mode (opened by `)

  • Removed single-sided collisions

  • Adjusted the main menu

  • Fixed un-jumpable surfaces being a thing

  • Steam API integration for achievements and other Stuff™ in the future

  • New level completion screen framework

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