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Updated Rooms and Textures

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

At the moment we've been focussing hard on getting all of the main Light Containment Zone rooms done. Above are images of the room models, textures, and an example of how one of them looks with only two textures. The main changes you'll notice are the bars being resized, the curves adjusted, and the return of the trim from the original game. Our goal over time will be to refine these to get them closer to a final version and slowly finish all of the textures. The biggest thing left to do at this point is the staining and weathering on the concrete, which is currently missing. That's why all of the renders and screenshots have looked so sterile up until this point.

Preview screenshot of a two way intersection in the Light Containment Zone.
Closeup of placeholder concrete materials.
Closeup of floor materials.
Screenshot of the straight hallway model, to showcase the overall shape.
Top down screenshot of all of the hallway types lined up.
Sneak peak of the entryway to a new containment chamber.
Floor tile material preview.

Metal floor material preview.

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