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Voice of the Community

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Do you have a voice?

You now have the opportunity to act as a "Voice of the Community" in our game. Share your own voice lines or phrases for the facility guards and researchers in our game, and become a part of our world!

Quality and creativity are key! We'll carefully select top-notch submissions that meet our standards and maintain a respectful tone.

So what is this? Well, we're going to have quite a few personnel standing around, and they either sound the same or have no voice.

You can record anything from a discussion with someone else, humming, a phrase to say if the player bumps into you, or anything else you can imagine as long as it is inoffensive and doesn't directly break the 4th wall/lore.

Deadline: 20th of July, 2023

Make sure to read the guidelines on the form before submitting.

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