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Core Team


Kailan "Minirow" Rumbold - Lead Game Designer

Scott "Scordi" Ditton - Lead Developer

Daniel Nesov - Assistant Programmer / SFX

Arthur "Woodmr13" Faraday - Writer

Metrid "Tbone" Damien Siardly - Materials and Lighting

Wesley "MintyMeta" Whaits - Prop and Environmental Modeller

Credence T. Noel - SCP Concept Art / Illustrations

Carlos Eduardo "Ferar" Melo - Character Concept Art / Illustrations

Mohamed "Red Claw 3D" Galal - Character Modeller
Orb Soundwerx - Music



City HIgh Rider - Assistant Programmer

RadinQue - Assistant Programmer

Jacob "JTSculpts" Garrett - SCP-087 Model

Aruspice - Reborn SCP-173 Model

Guilheme "Senhor" Emerich - Remastered SCP-173 Model

Jadeitor - SCP-087 Environmental Concept Art

ADMCles - SCP-173 Chamber Concept

T4CO_G4M3 - SCP-106 PD Concept Art

[Voice Acting]

DukeLovesYou - Agent Ulgrin

Jake "TheCoolKids20" - Wimpy Guard

Lumienkeli - Security Chief Francis Carey


Corvus B. - Main Menu Music


Olivia "Espérance" Paterson - Francis Carey Likeness



[Our Lovely Patrons]

Merudiana - O5-1

Stell - O5-1

HarbingerAO - O5-2

Shredoning - O5-3

MonoGA - O5-4

Lachchoc123 - O5-5

Merudiana - O5-6

Carlos Eduardo "Ferar" Melo - Security Officer

Jimmy - Senior Researcher

Mad God Renhak - Researcher

InvIncabl3 - Researcher

Guard Boi - Assistant Researcher

Quagmire Gaming - Assistant Researcher

Seernix - Assistant Researcher

Slashy McTaco - Assistant Researcher

Victor - Assistant Researcher

Creepy-Protagonist - Assistant Researcher

[Special Mentions]

Matthew F. 


Assisted in getting the resting rebar for the reborn SCP-173 model working, after IK and other solutions had failed.

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